The timeless question what three words best describe you, whether asked to me or about me, never fails to conjure up some iteration of creative, or artistic. I am a creator at heart and while photography was not my first friend, it has certainly become my best. Having spent most of my childhood on my family's organic vegetable farm in rural Maine, I learned to make my own fun, to teach myself what needed to be taught, and to seek out opportunities when it was time for new adventures. Whether needle felting with my mom in front of the wood stove, designing and assembling earrings from thrifted buttons, or traveling Maine and beyond with my camera, I have always immersed myself in art. Threads of my childhood tangle their way through nearly every artistic endeavor I undertake.

My art often explores themes of the environment I live in and the physical and emotional encounters of myself and those I witness. Congruent with my passion for the natural world we live in, I aim for sustainable practices by using thrifted materials whenever possible and limiting chemical use.

I've moved between Maine and North Carolina, attended schools in New Hampshire and Michigan, and traveled through over thirty states. Currently I reside in Maine where I attend school at the Maine College of Art. I love where I am now, but am always on the lookout for a new adventure.

When not nose deep in the world of art, I can be found playing with and enjoying the company of any dog that crosses my path, chatting with the neighborhood squirrels, and hucking a frisbee on whatever Ultimate field will have me.

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