About Me

My Work

I've done a broad spectrum of work with photography. In the past five years I've shot a couple of weddings, senior portraits, headshots, and an arsenal of abstract and creative projects. In the spring of 2018 I did a documentary project on farming in Michigan. I grew up on an organic vegetable farm and have a passion for agriculture and small farming worldwide. Generally speaking I direct my work toward showing where love and compassion should be and where it already is. I often work with themes of natural humanity and the beauty of the world.

Professionally I work entirely with digital photography. In the past I have done cyanotype , van dyke brown, and platinum and palladium processes. I am always interested in working with the latter process and others in the right circumstances.


My first camera was a clunky, black, point-and-shoot that traveled more in its lifetime than I had in mine. It was with that first camera that my love for photography started– opening a door where I could share what I was seeing and experiencing in the world.

Later I was given a purple point-and-shoot that was new, shiny, and captured moments with a different eye than my previous lens had. When I had friends over I used to direct them into place for photoshoots. We'd spend hours together playing model and artist. When high school rolled around I knew I wanted more with photography. I spent many extracurricular hours organizing in the school gallery, roaming the campus with my camera, and editing images in the photo lab. Even still, I wanted more. 

I submitted my photos for awards and publications around the country. I was published in Interlochen Review and Layman's Way. I was in charge of the senior gallery opening and had my own work featured in the show. Throughout my years I received statewide recognition, regional recognition, and a national award from Scholastic Art. 

Now, having graduated, I continue to move friends around as I take portraits; I've photographed weddings; I still submit work for publication; and I'm always working on something new. I've moved between Maine and North Carolina and I've attended schools in both New Hampshire and Michigan. No matter where I am I always have my camera because photography is part of who I am and part of what I hope to share with the world.

When I'm not elbow deep in the world of photography, I can be found writing poetry on scraps of paper scavenged during my life's journeys, playing with and enjoying the company of any dog that crosses my path, and hucking a Frisbee on whatever Ultimate field will have me.

Work with Me

I'm always open to collaboration whether you're interested in being beside me behind the camera or set in front of the lens. As for where I am located, that is liable to change. I largely remain in Maine although I have a passion for global travel and am always willing to discuss the possibility of job opportunities outside of my home state. 

Send me an email or reach out using my contact form to discuss interests, opportunities, and more.

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