Katia Dermott



Based in Maine, Katia Dermott uses photography, book making, and prose to create windows into worlds adjacent to where a viewer resides. Katia grew up on an organic vegetable farm; as each summer began, she found herself surrounded by a new crew of seasonal hands who sometimes lived as close as the room next door. Katia learned from and grew with the land as much as the people who farmed it. 

In 2022 Katia will receive her BFA for photography from Maine College of Art & Design. When not in class or working, you can probably find Katia eating local ice cream and saying hi to the neighborhood squirrels.


Artist Statement

I grew up in rural Maine. Homeschooled on a farm, barefoot and dust laden. We didn’t have a tv; we never played video games. The ability to imagine beyond the smallest occurrences of daily life has always been a necessity. My mind runs wild with tales prompted by the people I meet, the moments I glimpse, and the stories I read. I look closely––both at my own world and those adjacent. Using the lens of the camera I crystalize moments of family, feeling, and fantasy that may otherwise be forgotten or never imagined. 



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