Katia Dermott

Farming, MI

This series was created as a final project for one of my early photography classes. Having grown up on a farm myself, I've always had a tendency to focus my art on agriculture. As I struggled to find a sense of home while living in the industrial town of Kalamazoo, I sought out the familiarity of the farming world. This collection of photographs is from two of the small scale agricultural operations I visited while attending school in the Midwest. 

Cherry Tomatoes :: Kalamazoo, MI

Bell Peppers :: Kalamazoo, MI

Strawberries :: Kalamazoo, MI

Swiss Chard :: Kalamazoo, MI

Colorado :: Kalamazoo, MI

Greenhouse :: Kalamazoo, MI

Transplants :: Shelbyville, MI

Silos :: Shelbyville, MI

Silos II :: Shelbyville, MI

Tools :: Shelbyville, MI

Tractor Pruning :: Shelbyville, MI

Tractor :: Shelbyville, MI

Fence Post :: Shelbyville, MI

Early Spring :: Shelbyville, MI

Last Tool :: Shelbyville, MI

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